PlusAfrica is an online job provider and marketplace for Students, Networkers, Artisans, Professionals and Traders (SNAPT) and African Small and Medium Enterprises (ASMEs) to promote their products and services for larger coverage and enjoy more profits. It marries job providers with job seekers and service providers with potential clients.

PLusAfrica Limited
Job Board and Marketplace
Web, Mobile Portal, Cloud Server Setup, Security


Many sellers and service providers in Africa faced significant challenges in reaching potential customers and growing their businesses. Some of the key challenges included:

  • Limited access to e-commerce platforms: Many small businesses in Africa lacked the resources or expertise to develop their own e-commerce websites, leaving them with few options for reaching customers online.
  • Difficulty in connecting with customers: Even for businesses with an online presence, it could be challenging to connect with potential customers and stand out in a crowded market.
  • Limited payment options: For businesses that did manage to make sales online, there were often limited payment options available, making it difficult to receive payments quickly and securely.


We conducted our market survey and analysis, gathered insights from intended users and our Designers sprung into action.

LowFI and Hifi mockup designs was approved and that was implemented into a protutyped UI/UX.

LAMP Stack was adopted for this project and we partnered with Cloudways and Cloudflare to have robust cloud servers with tight security architecture.

We mitigated against WAF, DDOS, and any other Malware or Backdoor attack or script.


PlusAfri has helped to address these challenges and create new opportunities for African businesses. By providing a free online marketplace and e-business platform, PlusAfri has made it easier for sellers and service providers to reach a wider audience and connect with potential customers. The platform also offers a range of payment options to make transactions more seamless and secure, further supporting the growth of African businesses. Overall, PlusAfri is helping to transform the e-commerce landscape in Africa and support the growth and success of African entrepreneurs.