SCILS Management Centre delivers world-class globally recognized business and IT management training, testing, and certification programs across the globe through their partnership and affiliations with leading certification provider.

SCILS Management Center
Training & Education
LMS Portal, Cloud Server Setup, Security


SCILS Management Center has been a leader in Profesional Training and Education business for some good years, they were considering expanding the reach of their students and increasing enrollment.

Then, COVID-19 came, which gave them the confirmation and validation for their consideration, there was now an urgent need for them to develop an online learning management portal to capture more audience, expand their reach and increase profitability.

They wanted a Learning Management System that will be super-responsive, be of international standard, robust yet simple enough to be usable by less-technically inclined individuals.


LAMP Stack was adopted for this project and we partnered with Cloudways and Cloudflare to have robust cloud servers with tight security architecture.

We mitigated against WAF, DDOS, and any other Malware or Backdoor attack or script.

Students (Users) on the LMS will be able to subscribe to any course with direct payment or through a wallet system.

If you know Udemy, SCILS is the mini-udemy in Africa.


Measurement and analysis of the impact are still ongoing……

This page will be updated in the next 3 months.