Zion Poly & Packaging Products Limited is a leading packaging product manufacturer in the city of Abeokuta. They have more than 10 product lines and have been supplying the southwestern states of Nigeria with consistent quality products.

Zion Poly & Packaging Products Ltd.
Manufacturing Industry
Website Design, Custom POS Software IT Consultancy


Zion poly wanted to reposition the brand image and identity and at the same time reduce the time it takes for her to serve its customer’s needs. They needed technology for brand repositioning and to cut down the lead time.

They needed an Inventory Manager and Point of Sales Software to reduce the waiting time and improve her order delivery process.

A corporate website was also needed with social media platforms to reposition the brand and capture more market.


The first point of action was to set up social media presence on some selected channels, while we infuse subtle messages on the brand assets used on those digital channels.

Product documentation was done to properly set up the custom-built POS and Inventory Management Software, set up suppliers and vendors, and onboard existing customers.

A corporate website was also developed for zion poly, and social channels integrated and strategy for digital footprinting was put in place.


Brand positioning was established and the digital footprint journey is well on course.

Order processing is now seamless and customer satisfaction has increased.

Lead time has been reduced and overall performance metrics for the brand are now on the good radar.