COLAEL is an online / offline savings and credits cooperative, a social economic welfare cooperative that is saddle with the responsibility of improving the economic growth and development of the SME in our society.

Cooperative Society
Web + Mobile, Cloud Server Setup, Security


Prior to implementing the online cooperative management system, Colael cooperative society faced a number of challenges that made it difficult to effectively manage member deposits and provide loans and other services. Some of the key challenges included:

  • Limited access to financial management tools: Without a centralized system for managing deposits and loans, administrators had to rely on manual processes and spreadsheets to keep track of member accounts. This made it difficult to get a clear picture of the cooperative’s financial health and to make informed decisions about loans and other services.
  • Delays in loan processing: With no system in place for processing loan requests, members often had to wait for days or even weeks to receive a response to their applications. This not only created frustration among members but also slowed down the overall operations of the cooperative.
  • Limited support for member goals: While the cooperative aimed to help members achieve their career and business goals, there were few resources or tools available to support these efforts. This meant that members often had to look elsewhere for the guidance and assistance they needed.


LAMP Stack was adopted for this project and we partnered with Cloudways and Cloudflare to have robust cloud servers with tight security architecture.

We mitigated against WAF, DDOS, and any other Malware or Backdoor attack or script.


By implementing the colael system, we were able to address these challenges and create a more efficient and effective cooperative society. The system provided a centralized platform for managing deposits and loans, making it easier to track financial transactions and process loan requests quickly. Additionally, the system offered a range of resources and tools to support member goals, including connections to marketing platforms and access to career and business development resources.