A2W Estates Limited is a real estate development firm in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. They are also into sales of land and properties ranging from Super Regular to Premium Properties.

A2W Estates Limited
Real Estate Industry
Corporate Website Development


A2W Estates had a corporate website that was gradually becoming obsolete and could not serve the need and purpose for which it was created again.

They were going to lunch a new product line that requires digital marketing, we were contacted for an integrated digital marketing service, an audit was conducted on the website and we discovered there was a need for a brand new website, which will be able to accommodate the expected traffic from the marketing campaign and at the same time convert well.

Digita Strategy, Digital Marketing and a Corporate website Development services was needed and we stepped in to do what we know how to do best.


A website Audit was conducted after which we developed a super responsive corporate website with the user in mind.

After the corporate website development, we designed and launched a marketing plan for the brand which includes Social Media Marketing, Google Search and Display Ads, and some Media PR.


Our Integrated service offering yielded positive results, sales increased, and customer satisfaction also increased which changed the brand perception and overall positioning and eventually increased profit for the brand